Merry Late Christmas~

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So I don't really update this as much as I said I would.
Nothing has happened though.
Nothing worth mentioning. (:
Hope everyone's doing alright nonetheless~

"A collection of my precious memories..."

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A collection of my precious memories... a collection of quotes.

"Even if I closed my eyes, the real world didn’t disappear…Even if I covered my ears, the sound of the rain would not stop. I knew that all too well."
- Setsumi || Narcissu

"Love gives me a sign from miles away; it calls to me... Nobody can hear it."
- Yubi-yui || Megurine Luka

"I fell into a warm dream. When I woke, it was after I lost you,"
- Hirari, Hirari || Hatsune Miku

"…my time was at a standstill…I’d spent so many seasons, so many white overcast skies…without the want or need to converse with anybody…just when did I become all alone…?"
- Setsumi || Narcissu

"I was ready to live alone. But why do I want to hear your voice so much?"
- Hitori || Hatsune Miku

"Wavering just like the one streetlight inside the dark room
The hideous heart, the scared heart - I hid them behind the curtain saying 'For you'"

- Hitori || Hatsune Miku

"Far, far away memory... Calls as if to awaken me
Gathering the lost pieces of you"

- Kimi no Kakera || Megurine Luka

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