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O...o-ohai :'D
I swear, I'll be more active on here now. >:
I have lots to do and lots to say, but I'm hella sleepy right now.
Major thing;; I've moved to
for my solo covers.
(Yes, yes, I know. Cringe in fear.)
I'll mainly be using PaperMoonPro to upload choruses that I host. Maybe. D:
Or maybe I'll just leave it the way it is.
But erm, anyways.

My current list of work, copied directly from my profile.

【❤~Chorus Status~❤】
Risky Game: Mixing [70%]
Mr. Music: Mixing [30%]
Matryoshka ver. HC: Animating [0%]
Matryoshka ver. SE: Lines [40%]
JBF ver. xStarChorus: Animating [0%]
One More Kiss ver. UxM: Mixing [70%]
Rain Stops, Goodbye: Mixing [20%]
Mozaik Role: Mixing [80%]
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari: Mixing [80%]
Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki: Mixing [40%]
Yume Tokidoki: Animating [0%]

Yeahh, I'll get to it all.
Please stop bugging me, even if I offered first. D:
I've been busy with schoolwork and studying for my AP Exam,
Which greatly affects my college future and stuff.
So yeah. =A=

/ goes to sleep
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"I'm going to collect up once again the pieces of you and me"

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Happy New Years~

I swear, I've been meaning to update my blog. I'd have this page open and everything and then I would stop typing, get distracted, and never type. 8D SO YEAH KIDS. It's 1/1/11! ~ Ohbby I'm too lazy to go into much detail. So I'll just put a list.

→ December 28th was Zoe and my anniversary~ I love you, my little sister. ; w ;

→ My last cover of the year, Calc, was apparently not that likable LOL. (Two dislikes within the first like, five hours, orz) But yeah, I did enjoy singing it, so it doesn't bother me THAT much. :3 Hope you guys had a great 2010!


→ I stayed with Sandra for a night and we had to like, walk back to her house in the dark, slipping on them icy roads. Fun, fun, fun. (Note my sarcasm LOL.)

→ OH! And I bought the stuffed animal I'mma send to Suvi. ; w ; It's so fuzzy~ -cuddles it-

→ New Vocaloid group hosted by Zoe~ (I'm casted as Luka, yay. ;w; ) Go audition~ AMORINA

→ I'm getting back into voice acting, and I'm kicking it off by being part of a Star Driver fandub~ Please check us out! Star Driver Fandubs

→ I ate a whole chocolate bar by myself. e u e -SHOT-

Anyways, I'm done~ I think... o A o I hope you guys had a wonderful 2010~ Let's all welcome 2011 together, kay? <3
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So today, November 29th, I turned fifteen.
And the day started off with a few people awake telling me happy birthday!
This was a really great start to my day.
Sandra's text at 1 AM, and Zoe's text at 4 AM... <3
(What were you still doing up, Sandra?! LOL.)
Anywhoots, as the school day commenced, I was honestly a bit..
Sad? That some people in my life didn't remember.
(Although they've remembered before, and we've been friends for years, orz.)
But anyways! I was still in a great mood.
And when I got home... Oh my goodness, my Facebook page was flooded LOL.
I love you guys, thank you! ; ;
You really don't know much it meant to me.
Even if you didn't know my birthday, even if Facebook told you,
I'm still really happy that you guys took time to wish me a good day!

I just want to share these wonderful videos and pictures.
Thank you everyone... Seriously, thank you. ; ;

From UtaiGeneration

From Nami

From my daughter, Ryuu

From Arvy

From some of the people closest to my heart

From Carmen~
An adorable chibi of my OC~

From Ava~
Such a beautiful drawing. ; w ;

From Koshi~
She made two avatars for me from Luka pictures~ >W< Homg, I'll be using them. *W*

Wah, I'm seriously falling asleep.. (Staying up too late consecutively doesn't do well for my mind.) So if I forgot you, PLEASE tell me. ; ;
I'd feel horrible enough if I forgot someone, but, orz... Just can't think right now.
Everyone, I want to thank you for one of, maybe even THE, best birthday ever.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart. <3
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"Alone in the night, I erase my thoughts a hundred times"

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So yeah, just a few updates, including my hiatus thingy.
Hrrrmm, I'm falling behind in my classes. I've become extremely lazy, and just...
I don't feel like doing anything really. Lately, I've been wondering more often,
"Why do I do this? What am I doing? What should I be doing?"
Stuff like that.

Ehh... I get like this often, so I'm pretty used to it.
I just need to find my inspiration again.
I think I'll start by catching up on all of my work.
I'm especially behind in English. I wish I had guidelines...
Examples... Not just... work and a deadline.
I can't work like that; no motivation.
Geh. But I'm planning on turning shit in late. I'll work on it now and possibly through
Thanksgiving Break.

Oh right. And my hiatus LOL.
First and foremost reason is that my mic holds the ocean in it's depths.
But yeah, can't really record with it. I hope I'll get a new mic soon~

(It's at this point in time... that I find I'm getting too lazy to even type. What's wrong with me?)

Well, the second reason is that...
I've been very critical of myself lately, and envious of other people.
I try my best, but to me, my best can never be enough.
I don't know... I'm not sure what point I'm trying to get across...
So whatever.

Extremely recent obsession: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt
LOL. That's all I'm saying.

I really should stop procrastinating now.
Off to do work.

Mata ne~
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"Fate will not leave you, hate will not heal you"

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Haven't seen my in a while, huh? 8D
Yeah, I've been on Skype, but very ninja. Ohoho~
Anyways, Kureshi's birthday passed~ >W<
She's 19 now, you guys. :'3
My waifu's growing up~
Anyways, here was our present for her~
"Change Me"

Oh, she's changed us, alright. 8D
/shot again

Ahhhnnn, I've been getting sleepy much earlier now. D8
Like, 8 PM ish.
But I don't go to sleep early~
I don't have class work to do, since I finish it in class, but I have things to animate and mix.

I have seven choruses to animate, but luckily for me, most of them are still collecting vocals. The one I'm focusing on right now is one I organized myself; Hello/Hawayu.

Things I'll be animating;; Hello/Hawayu, Scissorhands, Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream, From Y to Y, Lily Lily Burning Night, Sayonara Memories, && Sayonara Solitaire.

And then Seventh Echo has planned our newest song. >3
Hope you guys look forward to that~

Anywhoots, I'm about to pass out now.
Goodnight~ o w o

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