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Posted by ••• MauChuu ••• on 05. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
Waaahhhn~ > ω < So I finally made an fc2 blog. o A o
Kyukyukyu~ ;D
I'll most likely just only update this one, and drop my
livejournal + main blogspot.
But we'll see. 8D It's highly likely though! o ω o

Anywhoots -- Emi gets a four day weekend~
I see recording studying time! 8D;;;
No seriously though, I have tons of shit to do, so I most likely
won't be able to record anything decent. D:
But I'll be on Skype like I always am. o ω o Yatta~?

I'm still figuring out how fc2 actually works, as well as
decorating it with cute... stuffs... Somewhat...? o A o
But yeah, I should go back to what I was doing. 8D

Hurray for lame first post evarrrr~ > ω <;;

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Yo~ It's Emirin/Emi. Just another person that posts song covers on Youtube, is addicted to her Skype/online friends, and holds hope in a future that might never come true.

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