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Happy New Years~

I swear, I've been meaning to update my blog. I'd have this page open and everything and then I would stop typing, get distracted, and never type. 8D SO YEAH KIDS. It's 1/1/11! ~ Ohbby I'm too lazy to go into much detail. So I'll just put a list.

→ December 28th was Zoe and my anniversary~ I love you, my little sister. ; w ;

→ My last cover of the year, Calc, was apparently not that likable LOL. (Two dislikes within the first like, five hours, orz) But yeah, I did enjoy singing it, so it doesn't bother me THAT much. :3 Hope you guys had a great 2010!


→ I stayed with Sandra for a night and we had to like, walk back to her house in the dark, slipping on them icy roads. Fun, fun, fun. (Note my sarcasm LOL.)

→ OH! And I bought the stuffed animal I'mma send to Suvi. ; w ; It's so fuzzy~ -cuddles it-

→ New Vocaloid group hosted by Zoe~ (I'm casted as Luka, yay. ;w; ) Go audition~ AMORINA

→ I'm getting back into voice acting, and I'm kicking it off by being part of a Star Driver fandub~ Please check us out! Star Driver Fandubs

→ I ate a whole chocolate bar by myself. e u e -SHOT-

Anyways, I'm done~ I think... o A o I hope you guys had a wonderful 2010~ Let's all welcome 2011 together, kay? <3
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