"Because you were here, I was me..."

Posted by ••• MauChuu ••• on 10. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
My printer won't work when I need it the most.
Yeah, I'm pretty fucking pissed off. 8D;;
But anyways. = A =;;

Apparently there's PSAT stuff tomorrow.
I forgot about it, hence I didn't pay, hence I'm not taking it. o-o
Beginning to wonder if it would have been better...
But oh well, no use looking on something I can't change.

Well, I recorded lines for Hoshizora Chorus's debut,
Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream
I mixed everything of mine into one, so you can hear it here;;
Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream~

I also did a music box version of Just Be Friends.
I made it my own though. Towards the end after the bridge, I switched to my own English lyrics.
You can listen to that here;;
Just Be Friends~

Anyways, yeah...
I don't have pictures today. o-o
I've been rather distracted, had no time to take pictures.
Although I took videos of me and my mom at the grocery, but that's on private LOL.
"That's creepy, filming my ass," She says. It wasn't her ass! D<
It was her back. 8D
/ shot

Peace out for now~

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