"Alone in the night, I erase my thoughts a hundred times"

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So yeah, just a few updates, including my hiatus thingy.
Hrrrmm, I'm falling behind in my classes. I've become extremely lazy, and just...
I don't feel like doing anything really. Lately, I've been wondering more often,
"Why do I do this? What am I doing? What should I be doing?"
Stuff like that.

Ehh... I get like this often, so I'm pretty used to it.
I just need to find my inspiration again.
I think I'll start by catching up on all of my work.
I'm especially behind in English. I wish I had guidelines...
Examples... Not just... work and a deadline.
I can't work like that; no motivation.
Geh. But I'm planning on turning shit in late. I'll work on it now and possibly through
Thanksgiving Break.

Oh right. And my hiatus LOL.
First and foremost reason is that my mic holds the ocean in it's depths.
But yeah, can't really record with it. I hope I'll get a new mic soon~

(It's at this point in time... that I find I'm getting too lazy to even type. What's wrong with me?)

Well, the second reason is that...
I've been very critical of myself lately, and envious of other people.
I try my best, but to me, my best can never be enough.
I don't know... I'm not sure what point I'm trying to get across...
So whatever.

Extremely recent obsession: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt
LOL. That's all I'm saying.

I really should stop procrastinating now.
Off to do work.

Mata ne~
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"I realized by meeting you, that I cannot lock and put my heart away"

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Aiyaaiyaaaa...! I keep telling myself to blog. But I'm so fucking lazy.
Son of a mother.

Anyways, enough abusing of HTML. =w=

Topic Numero Uno!
I don't speak Spanish.
-ran over-

Real First Topic!
I've been an upload whore. I'm sorry.
I think I was the first one to cover Neko Neko Super Fever Night.
I really don't think I did a good job, so I apologize to everyone for that.
Neko Neko Super Fever Night

I'm not even going to talk about bpm. Sigh.
motherfuckingfail. why do i bother?

From Y to Y Chorus~ This one was a pain in my ass. Literally, seeing as I sat here at my desk for the longest time animating and shit, orz. -fails-
But really, thank you to everyone that participated! I really appreciate how dedicated you guys were, and this came out stunning.
From Y to Y Chorus

Heartbeat #0822
I love you <3

Also, Happy Late Halloween~ The debut of HoshizoraChorus~
Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream~!

Topic Number Two!
I've been... really bothered by the number of videos I upload/lack of quality.
I've had this problem bother me before too. I find myself wanting to cover songs for their popularity. (Like those that come out?)
I need to continuously remind myself, 'Chantelle, calm down. This isn't a race. Take your time recording, and then it won't matter if you're the first or last to sing it.'

But I don't know what's wrong with me. I need to stop myself.
I sing because I love to sing. I need to remind myself of this, and take a break to remember the reason I started singing; because I love what I do.

Third Topic~
Suvi's voice is orgasmic. That is all.


Also, Haru and Kureshi = The fucking sex.

Fourth Topic
Getting into gaming again. =w= MMORPGs mostly. I haven't touched my PS2/Dreamcast/DS in the longest time, hnggghh.
Ask me what games I play, then we can all play together. 8D
It's quite fun, really~

Last Topic
Fuck how early I need to get up for school.
That is all~

If you read through all of that, I'm honestly very surprised. XD
Hmmm, until next time then~! Mata ne~ <3

"A patched up, crazy Matryoshka"

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Hey you guys. :3
So if you're my friend on Facebook, you'd know that I attempted
Matryoshka pictures with liquid eyeliner.
Err... well, if you didn't know, here are those;

Edited eyes FTW

I decided to redo it today. o w o
ALSO, just saying! This isn't like... real cosplay.
Obviously. o-o;
Here are some of those shots;

Karinka? Marinka?


Throw out all your memories too.

Wahhhghghghh... That's all I really have to say for now. 8D
I'm too lazy to do anything with my Mio cosplay, orz.
Maybe later on? D:

Anyways, I'm out~ >W<
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"A legacy of lies"

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Hey guys~ o ω o Haven't seen me here in a while, huh? 8D;
Okay, so it's only been five days or so, but bleeeeh.
Most important thing I have to say!!
Is that....
Ruriko/Chi's birthday passed on the 19th of October~!
I was going to sing something different than what I did sing...
BUT. My voice was dying. And Melt was all I could manage. D:
But I wanted to make it special, so I rewrote the lyrics...
About bewbs and chikubi. 8D
(If you don't know what chikubi is, do NOT GGRKS)
(If you DO GGRKS, I am totally not responsible)
Anyways, here's that;;
Happy Birthday, Mama~!

I also took the time to cover Luka's 'elektroniks' the other day, inspired by Danny's constant fawning and adoration of the song. 8D
That can be found here~

Finally, we released the Haro/Hawayu chorus from FOREVARRR ago. o A o
It turned out really nicely, aside from my lack of creativity while animating. XD
And Kureshi's mixing is sextacular. *o*
Please take a look at that here~

Moving on~! I've almost got all the From Y to Y vocals.
Just need one more and I can final mix~
And I need to find time to start animating too. =w=)a
I need to stop offering to animate for a lot of other things, orz.

So yeah, today, I have a choir concert. 8D
My voice feels REALLY WONDERFUL strained. .-.
I've been unable to sing well for the past few days, and I think it's because
I'm getting sick again.
... Well, mother fukka this is just great.
Oh well. Can't do anything about it. = A =;;

Another random note: I read HELLA fast. Like... really fast.
In the morning before school, I have a habit of
hanging in the library because it's freezing outside.
So one day, I decided to check out a book.
(And no, I can't read non fiction. This is mostly fantasy/horror/teenage life stuff)
I finished it that day, and the next morning, I returned it and checked out another book.

And so the cycle continues. 8D One book a day LOL.
I'm currently reading
'Dark Secrets 1' by Elizabeth Chandler, which has two books in one.
('Don't Tell' && 'Legacy of Lies.' I've already finished Legacy of Lies this morning)

She's one of my favorite authors.
I've also read her another of her books in the past, called 'Kissed by an Angel.' Although that's three books in one, but...

Okay, time to stop rambling, and check those message on Skype. 8D
Mata ne~

"Fate will not leave you, hate will not heal you"

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Haven't seen my in a while, huh? 8D
Yeah, I've been on Skype, but very ninja. Ohoho~
Anyways, Kureshi's birthday passed~ >W<
She's 19 now, you guys. :'3
My waifu's growing up~
Anyways, here was our present for her~
"Change Me"

Oh, she's changed us, alright. 8D
/shot again

Ahhhnnn, I've been getting sleepy much earlier now. D8
Like, 8 PM ish.
But I don't go to sleep early~
I don't have class work to do, since I finish it in class, but I have things to animate and mix.

I have seven choruses to animate, but luckily for me, most of them are still collecting vocals. The one I'm focusing on right now is one I organized myself; Hello/Hawayu.

Things I'll be animating;; Hello/Hawayu, Scissorhands, Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream, From Y to Y, Lily Lily Burning Night, Sayonara Memories, && Sayonara Solitaire.

And then Seventh Echo has planned our newest song. >3
Hope you guys look forward to that~

Anywhoots, I'm about to pass out now.
Goodnight~ o w o

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